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Drug News Provider
The Recover offers reporting on trending news topics about addiction and mental health. A team of experienced journalists write non-bias news about major health news issues. The medication is not a pill; instead, it is delivered intravenously over the course of 60-hours, which means it would be given in the setting of a hospital or licensed clinic, rather than the patients home. Clinical studies for the treatment showed terrific results. Not only were the numbers outstanding but the rapid relief that follows the treatment shocked the patients involved. According to the reports, the team performed a double-blind placebo that included multiple women that experienced moderate to severe postpartum depression. Each woman reported immediate improvements in their symptoms within 24 hours; the improvements were still present after 30 days. “This is for postpartum depression, but it is a step in understanding how we treat depression more broadly,” explained Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, director of the perinatal psychiatry program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the principal academic investigator in the brexanolone trials. “We have had the same treatments for depression for 30 years. There’s an enormous need for new, novel ways to treat depression, and to treat it quickly.” - More Information
Hangover recovery drink
The best drink to end your night with and your prescription for a better next day....You need to let loose, relax, and party sometimes; it's scientific fact. Without relaxation and recreation, we lose our edge--and have way less fun. BUT. NOBODY wants that hangover. Sure, you can tough it out, but it really ruins your day. Who wants to lose part of their weekend to an aching head and an angry stomach? Or worse, who wants to go into work and try to function when you've got no energy and you feel wrecked all over. You're too smart for that. You just need the right preparation. That's why we offer the MOST comprehensive hangover kit out there--the one you NEED. While it won't stop you from getting drunk, it will help you feel better the next day! Check out the science below and go buy yours now. We'll make it simple: The Sunday Mornings Hangover Helper AKA Sunday Mornings Hero Kit is the kit that gives you REAL options. You can take it in the morning to get fast-acting response for getting back into the game--or you can be doubly prepared with the hydrating drink at night, and the powerful pill in the morning! - More Information
Levels of addiction treatment
The fact is that addiction isn’t something that can be “fixed” or “cured”, and recovery demands a lifelong approach to treatment. This is the reason why 12-step groups like AA and NA emphasize that even when members have been sober for decades, continued adherence to their principals is important to maintain sobriety. And yet, within society, some in active addiction treat the disease as if it has a simple cure. Rehab is considered a pit stop to be used if one has hit ‘rock bottom,’ that will fix the issue so that life will continue. Although addiction cannot be cured, it can be treated effectively with a comprehensive approach to the disease. This treatment requires more than a one-time treatment from a detox facility. At FHE Health, we provide a full continuum of care to our clients, giving them the best opportunities for a new, better life, free from their behavioral and mental health issues. What Is the Continuum of Care? Broadly, the continuum of care describes the process of treating addiction and behavioral health in the most complete and effective way. It summarizes the standards of treatment that are proven to be the most effective, namely, that care should take place over a significant period of time and eases clients back into independent life. The continuum of addiction care is the general name for a process that starts with a check-in to a residential rehab facility and tapers with outpatient treatment, it describes the levels of addiction care. While this may be the end of a facilities involvement in rehabilitation, effective addiction treatment continues after this, with community support. Additionally, there is a medical definition of what the continuum of care really means, set out by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). - More Information
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