Karate Dojo in Sacramento

Title: Karate Dojo in Sacramento
URL: https://www.tokonsacramento.com/
Description: Sensei Marcus Hinschberger is a 5th-degree black belt with the International KarateCoaching Federation and a 4th-degree black belt with the Japan Karate Association. He is the founder of the worlds most comprehensive karate website - www.karatecoaching.com. Sensei Marcus started learning karate in 1990 and was directly mentored by senior Shotokan Karate instructors from Japan. He has participated in various national and international karate championships and was ranked as a Top-3 DJKB Shotokan Karate fighter in 2000 before coming to the United States from his homeland Germany. The strong Japanese influence is still evident in his fighting spirit and warrior (budoka) ?mindset. Sensei Marcus has taught karate to numerous students and athletes around the world, helping them attain success in life, business and competitions worldwide. As a personal trainer and athletic performance coach, he fuses the traditional Japanese training and values of karate-do with modern training techniques. Sensei Marcus is the owner of Tokon Martial Arts in Natomas Sacramento where he teaches traditional Karate and Martial Arts. World Class Karate Instructors in Natomas Sacramento Sensei Marcus is certified personal training with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), certified in FMS (Functional Movement Screening) and a Level 1 athletic performance coach with the Athletes Performance Center (EXXOS) in Phoenix.