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ets 2 mods
If you aren’t familiar with Euro Truck Simulator 2, you essentially work as an HGV driver delivering numerous goods throughout Europe. The attention to detail is fantastic. I’ve driven some of these roads IRL, and while you aren’t pointing at all the landmarks, there’s a clear difference logistically. I’m not sure how accurate the maps are, but they’re pretty epic nevertheless. Using your own truck or from the quick job menu, whatever the employer provides for you, you either drive to the pick-up point or fast travel, load up the trailer and away you go. It’s easy to cause your truck damage. A slight tap into another car, central reservation, or underestimating a curb and rolling your goods is a possibility, but the most common risks are speeding fines, traffic offences, running out of fuel and fatigue. It can be overwhelming and depending on how serious you take it, spoil the fun. - More Information
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